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Ivana & Ivan od E2 Young Engineers za lego kocki – Utrinska na Telma

Young Engineers e² – Welcome to the education revolution

In a world where technology is constantly developing and improving, parents understand the increasing importance of giving their children the best education possible in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

At e² Young Engineers, we believe in supporting and helping parents realize that goal, by preparing their children for an evolving environment – one where inventing, creating and initiating are the names of the game.

To this end, e² Young Engineers is here with the education revolution!

We equip children with the 21st Century tools and skills necessary to contribute to STEM fields, and to engage in the complex challenges posed by the ever-changing demands of today’s workplaces.

Joining the education revolution today means success in the future –
for you and for the engineers & scientists of tomorrow!

Young Engineers STEM Programs

Mechanical engineering, electric engineering, Robotics and Software engineering – All parts of the Young Engineers way to build your tomorrow. Today!

Free Your Mind – Young Engineers

Thinking outside of the brick helps you discover the world and frees your mind!

Young Engineers classes – The perfect place to be in

The whole idea is very simple. Let the children be children… and children love to play more than anything.
So we took the most cool toy in the world and built several education programs for children, so now when they want their LEGO® bricks car running faster, they know which tooth wheel they need to change to make it happen. So by knowing how to make their car go faster, they actually learned how to create a speed transmition. Simple as that!
So this is our education revoluton!
Give children the right tools to discover the beauty of STEM, and in the classroom don’t just teach – Let them learn things by their own.

Enrichment programs LEGO® bricks models

LEGO® bricks models from our classes designed by Young Engineers

Beyond The Brick – e² Young Engineers Exhibition 2013

Watch a short video clip of “Beyond The Brick” – e² Young Engineers exhibition which conducted in Tel Aviv 2013. Special Thank You to all 150000+ visitors who enjoyed this unique exhibition.

Young Engineers in CGS Greece

On November 14th 2012, Amir Asor, CEO of e² Young Engineers and the winner of Prince’s Youth Business International “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award, visited Costeas-Geitonas School and met with students from Grades 3 to 6 to present Math and Physics in a new way. Students had a great time building their very own real conveyor belt using the specially-designed Young Engineers Lego kit. HAEd students were present and had the opportunity to facilitate the lesson.

Young Engineers Bricks Challenge

A short clip from the Railroad Barrier / Ships Barrier LEGO® bricks model lesson. The lesson is part of Young Engineers’ Bricks Challenge edutainment curriculum. Enjoy.

e² Exhibition: Empire Bricks Budapest 2014

e² Young Engineers presents:
Bricks Empire – Watch. Play. Build. Discover.

A Technologically Interactive LEGO® Bricks Exhibition
This exhibition from e² Young Engineers community is a state of the art interactive LEGO® bricks exhibition, and the first of its kind in Hungary and in the world.

BricksEmpire presents a collection of dozens original interactive giant motorized LEGO® bricks models, LEGO® art exhibits and the e² Young Engineers Edutainment Workshop, in which the visitors can build an interactive LEGO® bricks model that has similar engineering principles to some exhibits.

Young engineers engages in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by using LEGO® based interactive model building to thousands of children and youth around the world. The programs are being promoted by the Carnegie Mellon University subsidiary iCarnegie and won the YBI Entrepreneur Of The Year award, established by HRH the Prince of Wales – Prince Charles, whose serves as the institute’s president.


Bricks Empire Exhibition – Romania

We are very excited to share with you a video about the e² Young Engineers technologically Interactive LEGO® bricks exhibition – Bricks Empire, Bucharest 2015.
This exhibition from the e² Young Engineers community is a state of the art interactive LEGO® bricks exhibition, and is the first of its kind in Romania!
Visitors can find a collection of dozens of original interactive giant motorized LEGO® models, LEGO® art exhibits, LEGO® cinema and the e² Young Engineers Edutainment Workshops, in which they can build an interactive LEGO® bricks model that has similar engineering principles to some of the exhibits. Enjoy!