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Robotics and Software Engineering


Suitable for Elementary School: 6th-9th grade
Average lesson duration: 90 minutes

Robotic and Software Engineering (R&SE), course focuses on exploring the world of robotics from a professional engineering perspective. Special emphasis on programming solutions promotes the creation of sophisticated and accurate robots.  This encourages the comprehensive learning of science, technology, mechanical and software engineering, and math (STEM).

In order to provide a real life simulation of the complex engineering challenges that exist in the industry, R&SE enrichment program uses extensive teamwork and collaborative efforts. The program is modeled after university engineering curricula in order to prepare students for the industrial world. Participants will tackle engineering challenges similar to that of university courses and solve them by using the EV3 graphics programing.

Overview of Robotic and Software Engineering curriculum

e² Young Engineers enrichment program teach in such a way that our instructors build upon previous programs’ curricula. We always encourage newcomers and reteach lessons to make sure all students are up to speed. R&SE develops a wide range of mechanical and software engineering skills.

In R&SE students will learn commands, conditions, loops, planning methods, dynamic programming, applied mathematics, and operators.

Robotic and Software Engineering objectives:

  • Improve procedural, logical and Algorithmic thinking
  • Advances program engineering capabilities
  • Cultivate students’ ability to solve complex engineering challenges using mechanical and programing solutions together
  • Foster program-mechanic optimization problems skills
  • Develops mathematical processing
  • Improve time management and teambuilding skills
  • Expand critical and creative thinking.
  • Acquiring information system and media literacy

Robotic and Software Engineering building model themes:

  • Amusement park
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Robots to perform complex missions
  • Gadgets and games

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