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Edutainment method

Edutainment Method
Education+ Entertainment= EDUTAINMENT

At Young Engineers we believe in engaging our students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn. We understand that every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, yet we have found that making learning fun is the lowest common detonator for successful education. We have meticulously generated hands-on curricula, which combine education and entertainment creating our unique “edutainment” method.

At Young Engineers, our initiative has always been to establish an original and unparalleled approach to educating the engineers and scientists of tomorrow by creating engaging educational experience they can enjoy early on. Our programs and their various curricula provide students with the opportunity to feel confident and knowledgeable as they enter the challenging engineering and scientific society by providing an encouraging, hands-on environment that will develop the necessary skill sets.

Young Engineers has implemented two teaching techniques in creating our edutainment method: The Spiral Learning method and PBL.